Two freestanding units with locking shelving.

Over all width is 96.5 inches X 58 inches tall X 12.5 inches deep.

Do you have a lot of handmade goods to display. You can now have the room to show them off. Works best for staggered shelf spacing.

$416 + Shipping

Custom colors

You can choose custom colors. Custom colors add up to two weeks and $25.00  per set.

Please contact us for custom colors

The Freestanding Display shelf

An elegant and versatile shelving system made from sturdy square steel tubing ladders with furniture grade plywood shelves.
Each unit comes with 3 shelves that can be arranged at any of six different heights. Extra shelves can be used to increase display surface or to join two shelving units.
Our shelving units feature adjustable feet to accommodate small differences in floor surface. Adjustment up to 1". 

Each unit measures 12.5 inches deep X 58 inches tall X 32 inches wide.

Standard shelves measure 11-3/4 inches deep X 34 inches wide X 1/2 inch thick

locking shelves

Holds up to 80 pounds. 

Includes: 2 Ladders, 2 Cross bars, 4 screws,

4 adjustable feet, and 3 shelves.

$184+ shipping

‚ÄčWe do offer a 15" deep shelf with the same height and width as our standard shelving.

Please contact us about these. ( we'll be getting them on here as soon as possible)